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DBX 166 Sensitivity Question.

tourtelottourtelot Posts: 3
edited February 2013 in Connectivity
I used a new (to me) DBX 166 yesterday, and found that when I sent a -12DBFS signal from my panel (maybe peaking at -9) that I was right up against the top of the threshold control at +20(!). I had no room to make any adjustment on ratio that wouldn't send this fairly restrained level into hard compression.

I worked around this by taking bus outs to the compressors and re-inserting them to give me control over input levels to the 166, and made up the gain in the reinserts so it was pretty quiet.

But what am I doing that might cause the 166 to be so sensitive when I used it as a master out compressor?



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I don't know, maybe your hitting it too hard on the front end with the main outs?
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    Panel meters are correct as to the output level at the main out. It would seem to indicate input sensitivity (like a -10 setting) but I find no indication of internal jumpers or DIP switches that might account for that. I will put a signal generator and a meter on it later today.

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