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286s Settings...

JaroamJaroam Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Configuration Wizard
Setting, configurations, whatever...just bought the dbx 286s preamp/processor and need to, um, configure the box to eek out a decent sound for my microphone. Used audio equipment but haven't really tuned any myself, at least nothing that needed to sound that good. It was always the "audio guy" or engineers job - damn, should've paid attention! I get the definitions and such. Wondering if anyone had a quick walkthrough or "start with these settings and then tweak from here" or best practices in a certain order kind of thing. Thoughts? Thanks!


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Someone may be along shortly, but it would really be helpful to them if you would describe, in detail, what you wish to accomplish (task), whether for live sound or recording. Whether it is for voice-over work... into a mixer, computer, etc. What mic are you using?

  • JaroamJaroam Posts: 4
    Here's the basic skinny: Going to be doing standard, voice-over, production, and "on-air" in a radio/broadcast setting. Mic is a Heil PR40. Mixer into digital workstation/computer. Mic to 286s to mixer with EQ settings if needed to computer.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Use the meter to get a signal that is good and strong but not clipped, use the HPF if your experiencing too much low end or rumple.. the most useful controls are the density and drive controls and that is a matter of taste, note the gain reduction meter in the compression box watch and listen as you dial in the density and drive. They aren't such that you'll hear a HUGE difference, but subtle differences in the density and how much makeup gain is used to keep the signal up front.

    As for the rest of the controls they do what they say but you will want to play with them to see for yourself what they do...if you need to gate the signal don't over do it, same goes for the controls in general. Stop and bypass the processing from time to time or you'll adjust to the way it sounds.. you might be surprised what you will hear if you turn the processing off from time to time.. if nothing else..just so you can keep track of what has been done to the sound.
  • JaroamJaroam Posts: 4
    Just moved equipment into a completely non sound-proofed, um, "studio". Yep, far from ideal but there it is. Any thoughts on adjusting the 286s to counter all that space? Thanks!
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