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Loading .DWD file to PA+

iFeteDjDeviFeteDjDev Posts: 4
edited March 2013 in PA Configuration Wizard
What's up guys?

I have a PA+, and and friend of mines has a 260.

He sent me the .DWD file (his presets), and I am trying to figure if and how can I load his presets to my Driverack?

I've read thru several posts, and can't seem to find the answer.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The PA + does not have the ability to import .dwp files...the 260 also has features and functions that the DRPA+ doesn't...the best you can hope for (since DSP settings do NOT translate perfectly from platform to platform, meaning what is a proper setup on the 260 won't sound the same on a PA+, or PX, or 480...) is to get close...

    So, you CAN download the GUI and load the .dwp file in it and see the setup and transfer it manually to the DRPA+.. but that is going to require you to deal with the lack of PEQ's and the fact that the limiters are NOT brick wall.
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