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New settings for PRX600

MctwinsMctwins Posts: 113

I'm interested to buy a dbx260 to run with my PRX600 series.

I have the new settings in dbxPA+ for my PRX600 series and it works great with this.

There is settings for the PRX500 series but is there gonna be any new update settings in the dbx260 for the PRX600 series.

Maybe someone at dbx can answer my question.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hey Mctwins..."We don't need no stinkin presets" :mrgreen: Really though Powered speakers ONLY have a HPF and even those are really nebulous with powered speakers..

    Really, the only time you really need presets is when you get into bi-amp and tri-amp speakers...

    I would assume that there will be an update to the 260 with those covered though...they seem to update ever year or so..
  • MctwinsMctwins Posts: 113
    I can always tune the preset by myself and se how it goes.

    As you know, I have PRX635 and 618S-XLF and I am currently running in bi-amp with PA+. There is a setting in PA+ for these speakers and it works great. I'm gonna test this setting or use the PRX500 series and see how it works.

    I am always measurering at the listening position with ARTA program to see how it looks like and can always compare it with PA+.

    What I like with the 260 is the limiter feature. :D

    They better hurry up with the update :mrgreen:

    I report back in a couple of weeks.

  • MctwinsMctwins Posts: 113
    Hi :D

    All I can say WOW, what a difference compared to PA+. Have it installed and have the same settings as in PA+. Using the PRX500 setting in 260. Changed the Highpass to 118Hz, BW24 as in the PA+ settings for the PRX600 series. Works great. Just need to do gain structure but don't belive it will change that much.

    Nice unit :D
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