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Channel display issue?

Rob_HRob_H Posts: 3
edited April 2013 in PA Front Panel
Hi all,

Just setup my first PA+, really like it so far although the settings for my system sounded way too boomy using the defaults for the equipment, but a few manual tweaks to the crossover settings and all is good.

I seem to have a problem with the gain display though, as this is the first one I have used I wanted to ask here before I talk to tech support. The input gain meters seem to be working properly; on the output section though, only the light at the bottom works and then periodically (like it should) I get a slight flicker to red on the TH. This happens on both the low and high channels (running 2 way), it almost seems like all the LEDs in between are burnt out.

I have no issue with gain, I am driving the system cleanly to high output levels and the slight red flicker at TH is where I would expect it to be. Has anyone come across this? Am I right in assuming this is just a normal progressive gain meter and I should be seeing it climb through all segments before getting to TH?

Just wanted to make sure there wasn't a simple fix before I talk to tech.




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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sounds like the Compressor or the limiters are engaging. I bet if you turn them off, your output led's will work properly.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ya those are comp/limiter lights.. the display will yell "CLIP" if it's clipping... the yellow indication is threshold met, the red is limiting or compression...
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    Rob_HRob_H Posts: 3
    Thanks guys,

    I will look again at the settings as I know for sure compression is off and pretty sure I set limiting off as well but maybe it is on. Weird they don't explain this very well in either the manual or the quick start guide.
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