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Sorry if this already posted, couldn't find this combination

sonikimagesonikimage Posts: 6
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First of all I'm using this system in a live 4 pc band configuration (1gtr, bass, drummer, ld vocalist). I have 2 EV SXA250's pole mounted on 2 EV Sba760's. I am using the new Mackie Ipad mixer DL1608. I have 2 more powered hot spots and 2 more sxa250's for floor monitors. Would I just be better off using the crossovers in the sba760's as they're intended or....would I be better off using an aux out of the Mackie and splitting off to the two subs in mono and just using filters to create the sub out (as there is no sub out on this cool little mixer), or......would I be better off with a DRPA of some kind ie. plus, 260, 4800. I really need feedback control probably more than anything, would just a suppressor be enough? Thanks for all your help in advance.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    My recommendation would be to use a post fader aux send and get the DR260. The Driverack would have better crossovers, the ability to split the mains and a single monitor mix on one driverack. You will need a measurement mic to get the most out of the system.
  • So I would just take the lr mix out of the Mackie to the DR260 and use the crossovers from the 260 for mains and subs. I'm not sure but then just use the post aux send for monitor mix (not through the 260?). Sorry if I didn't completely understand. Also is there enough benefit to go for the 260 vs the plus for my application and speakers?

    Thanks again Gadget
  • Oh I think i understand that you meant that the 260 has the extra out for the mon. So what would the post aux send be for? The second mon mix, but not thru DR?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    In this instance the FOH is mono and then you get one monitor mix. When configured dual mono you would have the mains in the left input and use 2 of the outputs, and then send the post fader aux to the right input and use the one of the other outputs for the monitor. The in's and out's of the 260 are freely configurable.
  • Thanks again!
  • Ok .... Last question ....I think ... Assuming that I purchase a 260, what speaker templates if any would I use for my powered sxa250's and sba760's.

    Gadget, I must say you've been quite helpful.

    Thanks again,
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    It's really quite simple to create your own and even do a little experimenting...The difficult stuff comes when you have to create setups for biamp type speakers. But fullrange tops and subs is relatively easy. WE generally look at the woofer size of the top (taking into consideration the voice coil size as well) and then set an HPF for the tops.

    It's a good idea to set the same filter types on adjacent crossover points, so set the same..I.E..LR24 from the sub to the tops. If your dealing with powered subs there is usually no need to set an HPF for the sub, but the 260 has a brick wall limiter that can add additional safety. With 15" tops with plenty of power I generally go 75 hz for the HPF/LPF. On 15's with questionable power I would go 90hz even up to 120 if the power is low for the tops.

    12" I usually go 118-135hz, even higher with less power..

    So go into the wizard and set up your own, answer the prompts as closely as you can with your setup.
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