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iOs custom panel.

rossdrossd Posts: 5
edited April 2013 in SC 32 & SC 64
Is there a venue file available for the sample iOS app for HiQ? I am trying to replicate its strcuture and function for a project and I am unable to figure out how to get the Source Selection (or in my case the channels within a mixer) to be selectable.



  • Sorry I do not have access to the associated Venue file used to create the Demo program inside the HiQnet Motion Control app.

    It appears that the type of Control used is called a Value Combo Box.

    Unfortunately when creating a HiQnet Motion Control Panel for an iOS device, it is not possible to drag/assign the input channel selection from a MID MIXER channel.
    This is not a problem if you are creating a Standard Custom Panel but a HiQnet Motion Control based Panel does not support the Input Channel selection on a Mixer Channel.

    It is possible however to perform source selection by dragging a portion of the Output RTE (Router) onto a HiQnet Motion Control based Panel.
    One of the easiest ways is to select the OUTPUT RTE for which ever output channel (i.e. Zone you would like to perform the source selection in) and drag the top portion of the OUTPUT RTE (router) onto a Custom Panel.

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  • rossdrossd Posts: 5

    SC64. IPhone Portrait Panel.

    Lets say I go to ID 3.33.0 which is the Router for channel 1 on Card E (E33)

    Drag it onto the design area and I get a Vertical Slider. Should this not be a ComboList box or some other similar control for selection?

    Or am I missing something entirely here and I can use another type of panel for an Iphone? If not then do you mind a more complete example?

    Thank you,
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