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260 Setup Almost There!

pangell44pangell44 Posts: 21
Thanks to great info here I've gotten through the setup up of my Driverack. Gone through the gain setup and the crossover recommendations from Gadget and everything playing well together. Playing recorded music through the system I can here a noticable difference in clarity and punch.

I have a modest Yamaha MG206C board, Yamaha S115V tops fed by a QSC GX5 and SW188V bottoms fed by QSC GX7. I do still have DBX2231 betwen the board and the DR 260 for quick tweaking if necessary (very little needed).

Curious about one thing.

The output on the MG206 is near clipping when setting the gain structure, and the power amp gains have been adjusted as recommended to prevent clipping. The interesting (to me) thing is that the input and output meters of the DR 260 are not very high. Should I adjust the inputs levels of the DR 260 to get the signal higher, or is the fact that its digital and the SNL isn't as critical mean the lower levels are ok. Is the DBX 2231 the issue? Do I need to get more gain out of that to drive the DR 260 higher? By low, especially on the output side, I mean the high and low meters are two or 3 yellow lights at most.

Just don't know if I should leave well enough alone, or if more tweaking is needed.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    With the Yamaha at clip to want the 260's inputs no less than 6dbu below clip, which is +14dbu. You want nothing more than the +12dbu LED ignited on a consistent basis, when setting max level.

  • DRA,

    How do I get it up there if its not there?

    I thought I read if you alter the input gain, you throw off the calibration of the meters?

  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You have to change jumpers internally for the meters to be affected. If you are using the GUI (and you should be), you open the input mixer and increase the levels there. If you use the front panels see page 18 of the manual.

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