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Need some help with Cross Over

BullDawg07BullDawg07 Posts: 7
edited August 2013 in PA General Discussion
I run sound for a small church in South Central Mississippi. We purchased a Drive Rack PA + last week and are having some issues setting up the cross over.

Current system:

Board: PreSonus 16.4.1
Highs and Mids: TAO HX-5 (1)
Subs: JBL PRX 518S (have two but one is not operational at the moment)
Amps: Crown XTi 1000 (pushing TOA)

The low frequency outputs are set up by a band pass filter...from what I read in the manual. But I really dont want to pass anything from 100hz or above through the subs (and after set up wizard I clearly have that happening)

The high frequency makes a little more sense being that you can set the low roll off to like 100hz and allow it to go all the way to out...but the low frequencies are filtered though a band pass (both HPF and LPF) and do not allow you to set the HPF to anything below 300hz (maybe I am misunderstanding what I am looking at).

I have done some reading on this subject but I'm still confused on why the low outputs are using a band pass and why not just a LPF.

Need so help wrapping my brain around it.



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    Nevermind...I'm an idiot!! I totally get the idea behind band pass filter now.

    Makes sense!!
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
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    Oh yeah...and I was having some serious issues with vocals coming through the subs...and I mean in a serious way!!!

    Turns out the sub harmonic synthesizer was enabled causing folks to sound like James Earl Jones!!! Turned off Sub Synth and problem solved!!!
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