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How to RTA if you only have one central located speaker?

BullDawg07BullDawg07 Posts: 7
edited August 2013 in PA General Discussion
Ok, so now that my cross over is set and I don't have vocals coming through the subs anymore. I think I would like to try this auto EQ function.

Here's the issue (if it is even an issue). The manual says you have to have a balanced left right output for the highs and mids...well I only have one speaker that is centrally located and mounted on ceiling for my front of house highs and mids.

Run down of the system:
Presonus 16.4.1 - mixer
DriveRack PA+
Crown XTi 1000 - (two of these...one for TOA and the other for monitors)
TOA HX5 - (the one high and mid)
JBL PRX 518 - (2 subs)

I there a way to make the left high output a mono send for highs and mids? I run my subs out mono as well already.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    For many years now, the manual has been "ridiculed" by users in it's method of utilizing the Auto EQ. You will be doing it like we have espoused for years. One word of advice, lay the mic on the floor on a towel or pillow.

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    So I understand that even though the unit warns you of you system not being balanced, just rock on with it.
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Because it eliminates the bounce from the floor to the mic, and there are many other surfaces that will reflect the sound, so it's best to place it on a surface and kill them all with the same mic location, just make sure it's one stack only and the mic is in the direct field of the speakers...
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