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Want to double check my limiter settings..

Jason kiDDJason kiDD Posts: 6
Driver 2'" compression horn 250watts @ 8 ohms - 44.72v | 35.22 dBu
Amplifier 1100 @ 8ohms | 26.00 dBu
Limiter settings should be about | 09.22 dBu

Attack ? ms
Hold ? ms
Release ? dbs

Assume I want the driver to see about 400-500 watts but no more...


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Is 250w Con, Prog, or Peak?
    With no speakers attached, connect a multi-meter (set to AC volts) to the binding posts. Limiter off. Send a tone signal through the DR260 that is at your peak output desired.
    Turn on the limiter, with a fast attack and a fast to pretty fast release. Duration of the hold can be all over the place. Then adjust the actual voltage, I like t reduce the input attenuation of the amp to achieve the desired voltage max. Next work on the reduction with the limiter.

  • Selenium D408Ti 2" Titanium Horn Driver 4-Bolt
    I believe its 250 program with crossover over 1200hz

    But ill try the multimeter trick makes sense.. What tone should I use or is pink noise sufficient..?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    As long as the tone is well within the frequency band, it does not matter. I don't think it changes the amp output versus input when doing this, but to be safe a tone of 2khz would good. You can use pink noise, but only if the meter has an RMS function. The peaks of the pink are to fast for a standard meter to read. There are several free or share ware programs for computers.

  • Thanks Dra.. 8)
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