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System setup - Yamaha tops, QSC subs, DRPA+

captainbettycaptainbetty Posts: 7
edited September 2013 in PA General Discussion
Hi guys... long time lurker. I've been digging through the 'read first' faqs and they have been very helpful.

I want to ensure I have my system set up properly.

My biz partner has been religiously using the auto eq at gigs (very embarrassing) and I'm slowly taking ownership of properly tuning the PA.

We've managed to get a handle on the gain structure and understanding the crossovers - I'd just like to ensure we're doing this right/optimally.

Haven't done the indoor/outdoor eq - and should soon. I understand the concept of flattening the system.

Our rig:

Yamaha MG2414/fx board
Yamaha S215V x 2
QSC KW181 Subs x 4 (we recently upgraded to 4, have been running 2 for a while)
Crown XLS602 x 2 (bridged)

I basically have the crossovers at 100hz.

As far as I know, the amps are not listed in the DRPA so we have to use a custom setup.

We have a gig this SAT. Would there be any issue with just choosing a basic preset and forgoing the eq?

What's the suggested settings?



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The XLS amps should be in the Wizard, but since you are bridging... any info is useless (you can't select bridged for top boxes). None of that matters anyway, since you have done a manual gain structure.

    100hz is a good choice. Use LR24 for the filter type (LPF for the subs and HPF for the tops). The KW will set it's own HPF with the internal DSP. Though you can set your own a little higher if you believe that you are running out of gas and can't keep up with the Yammies.

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    Thanks DRA!

    Any issue with picking a generic profile and running with it? Obviously we need to get the system flat at some point but won't have time before tomorrow. I've seen you suggest PRESET 1 as a starting point.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Actually I have just suggest #1 as a save slot. I have no idea what #1 is.
    Just open the wizard and select Stereo GEQ, "Custom" speakers w/ "Custom" subs (mono or stereo, your choice), custom amps for each when asked. Press "store" 3 times. Go into the x-over and set the hz points and filter types, noting the letter highlighted (H or L).
    If you don't feel confident yet, you can press the program button, then scroll the knob to look at the output configs of the canned set-ups. You only want those with 2 highs and 1 or 2 lows (no M's).

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    Thanks DRA....

    Had to persuade my biz partner not to do an auto eq last night - almost was an argument. Show sounded great.

    One more question... do you feel AFS is necessary at every gig?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you need more GBF, yes. But if you get more than enough volume from all vocal mics without, then no. Just use the live filters. (Enough GBF would be 6 or so db more than you will need.)

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    thanks again... this should be fun selling these ideas to my partner. I've basically neutered his concept of the PA+.
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