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DRPA+ crossover confusion help?

JoyMakerJoyMaker Posts: 3
edited September 2013 in PA General Discussion
Not a techy so after lots of reading on the forum, FAQ's, start here and your other reading suggestions we are now wayy :? confused. Here's the story...We are a Gospel Quartet with a 5 piece live band trying to get the most out of our DBX Driverack PA+ setup. After experimenting with the Subharmonic synthesizer in an attempt to get a “full� bottom end and it changing the Mid’s more than making the Subs thump, this got us looking at our DBX Driverack PA+ settings. We don’t think the crossover settings are what they should be, so we are seeking advice/recommendations on the crossover and the Subharmonic synthesizer settings to get the most out of our setup. We have been using the Wizard to set amp gain, then balance and eq with a dbx RTA mic. Our setup is:

DBX Driverack PA+ with a 2x6 stereo tri-amp set up using the below power amps and speakers. Amps power both sides.

• Allen and Heath GL2400-32 32-Channel Mixer
• Crown XLS 1500 = EV Xi1122A/85 with Hf 1,600 to 20,000hz
• Crown XLS2000 = EV Xi1122A/85 with Lf 60 to 16,000hz (EV’s have internal Fourth order 24db linkwitz-Riley filter)
• Crown XLS2500 = Klipsch KI-115 Subwoofer box loaded with Eminence Kilomax 15� speakers with a frequency range of 44-800Hz.

Using the DBX Driverack PA+ Wizard, selecting the Crown XLS amps and “custom speaker� settings for High, Mid and Low the Wizard sets the crossover at:

Low 35.5Hz – 100Hz Butterworth 6 0.6 db
Mid 100Hz – 6.7kHz Butterworth 6 -7.2db
High 6.7kHz Butterworth 12 0 db

For the configuration and speakers we are using, what crossover settings would you recommend? Are we lacking power to the Subs? Once we have the crossover set to match our speaker frequencies, what Subharmonic synthesizer settings (if any) would you recommend to boost our bass singers low end and the kick drum thump? Let us know if additional equipment/setup information is needed to help correctly answer our questions. Thanks!


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Have you downloaded and used the preset info for the speakers for bi-amping from the website? The PEQ and filter settings are there. The only thing you will change from that is the mid's high pass filter (100hz LR24) and the lows high pass (45hz BW18) and low pass (100hz LR24).

    As far as the sub-synth, try to get away without using it. Gadget has a generic tweak that he sometimes recommends for subs. It may be in the start here thread. An outdoor auto eq session will also help you fix the subs.

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    DRA, thanks for the quick reply! So our thought that what the Wizard is doing with the crossover is a problem and getting the crossover settings correct for the speakers will greatly improve what we are hearing?

    I'm not the sharpest knife in drawer when it comes to this stuff, but searched all over the dbx website and haven't found any setting info for the EV Xi1122A/85 speakers to download. I figure I'm probably not searching the right spot...or since I've never downloaded anything to the DRPA+ maybe I'm not following the correct steps to get to the EV presets to download. I think I understand your suggestion but can you point us in the right direction to find/get the info you refer to? Thanks
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    No. The download is on the EV site. http://www.electrovoice.com/product.php?id=232#tab3
    Download tab > Preset (click on the word, not the +).
    You can't download "to" the DRPA+. You must manually input the parameters.
    The only thing the Wizard does for you in setting up the system is to assign stereo or mono EQ, which outputs are active, relative gain settings (differentials) for differing amps, and whether you want to sum the sub (low) outputs to mono.
    You should select:
    Stereo linked EQ (one adjustment affects L & R)
    Custom speaker > Bi-amp, w/ sub
    Select your amps as they are asked for.

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