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Advice in laymans terms

tommyonthetubstommyonthetubs Posts: 2
edited October 2013 in PA Configuration Wizard
Here's what we got.
2 Peavy sp 2xt powered by a QSC MX1500a
4 Yorkville LS700p
Yamaha EMX 5000 Mixer
Driverack pa+

Obviously none of the above is in the driverack. Where do we go from here? I set all to custom and followed all directions in the wizard but did no crossover settings. It definatly made a difference in the sound, but can i get a better result by setting xover specs? What steps should I take in the set up wizard?


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The set-up wizard only sets up the configuration. (GEQ: Stereo linked vs Stereo, # of output filters, etc) The rest (tweaking) is up to you.

    In the set-up Wizard: (if you are happy with what you did already, skip the wizard)
    1) Select input as Mono or Stereo
    2) Select GEQ as Stereo or Stereo linked (linked recommended for most applications)
    3) Select all speakers and amps as "custom". Subs can be stereo or mono. Mono simply combines the outputs to limit cable requirements (though both outputs are active).

    The Wizard will have set a generic x-over. Open the x-over section. In the upper left corner of the screen, you will see the letters L H (or H L, I don't remember). The one that is Blocked is the selected output filter. Use the Data wheel (press or rotate) and the Next / Prev buttons to select, advance, and change settings.

    Now or later... turn the High Freq Roll-off on the subs to max (150 hz). You will use the DRPA+ to control the LPF of the sub., effectively by-passing the subs' own filter.

    Select L.
    The High-Pass or Low-Pass graphic will appear. If the slope / cut-off bar is on the left it is the High-pass. On the right, Low-pass. It will actually move and change as you make an adjustment.
    Set the (left) Slope (filter type) and freq to 25hz BW18. This is actually just a fail-safe since the sub will set it's own internally.
    Set the (right) slope and freq to 100hz LR24.
    Set the gain to -0-, for now.

    Select H.
    Set the (left) Slope (filter type) and freq to 100hz LR24.
    The H will gave no freq adjustment allowed. It will say out and have no slope shown.
    Set the gain to -0-, for now.

    If you use the Auto-EQ to "pink a room"... Turn off one of the peaveys and 2 of the subs. Place the mic on the floor on a thick folded towel (or similar) about 1/3 to 1/2 way back of the room, but not more than 25', directly in the throw of the peavey.

    Avoid the compressor. Use the Limiter instead. In your case for the tops only. The subs have their own.

    Do a gain structure set-up as described in the Read me first section.

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