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More "newb" questions

gibsongogibsongo Posts: 6
edited November 2013 in 200 Series Software Control
I am trying to get the GUI interface working, and (I gather like many people) am finding it a bit frustrating. Why DBX would put serial connectors on a product in 2013 is a bit of a mystery.....

So anyway, dropped $40 on the Staples house brand of USB serial USB adaptor, and it doesn't seem to work. Just ordered the prescribed Keyspan version in the hopes of eliminating one problem (another $40 + shipping).

I see cryptic references to "series cable that came with the device". Am I to gather that there is an official DBX serial cable? I bought my 260 used...and it didn't come with one. Aren't all serial cables the same? If I do need the "official" DBX serial cable, any idea of where to get one (I'm up in Canada)? I see that DBX lists a serial to USB cable on its site. Would this be what what I should have bought before laying out close to $100 for 2 adaptors?

Also, in this forum I have seen dark references to "sex changes". Given the respective genders of serial connectors on the 260 box and on the Serial USB adaptor, to me it seems like a "sex change" adaptor is going to be essential to get things to mate up successfully. Will this cause a problem? And if so, why? Aren't these things essentially straight pieces of wire?

Finally, when I open the Driveware app, I keep getting a "problem opening COM 1" error message. Should I assume that this is just due to the incompatable series - USB adaptor or some Windows IRQ problem?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks to anyone for their input/help.

GOrdon in Montreal, QUebec, Canada


  • Thanks for the reply. The prescribed Serial-USB converter didn't solve the problem. But then a friendly computer tech guy suggested that the missing link was a "null modem cable". I was trying to use a straight serial cable with a female to female adapter in order to mate the USB-Serial converter to the back of the DriveRack. As mentioned in the pinout description in one of the links you forwarded, we see that the null-modem cable is not the equivalent of a straight piece of wire.

    So, the $5.95 null modem cable did the trick - it would probably have worked with my first USB-Serial convertor, saving me $40 + shipping....
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
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