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Driverack PA+ Settings for PA

rgalv001rgalv001 Posts: 1
edited November 2013 in PA Configuration Wizard
I have a pair of JBL SR4725a for mains driven with a Crown Xti4002 bridged in mono and 2 JBL SRX 718 subs driven by a Crown Xti4002 Bridged Subs setting. What should my DR settings be? I've noticed my setup has the 4725's speakers moving a lot when the kick hits when playing live. Is this normal? I setup the DR through the wizard. Is there filters I need to mess with? What are you recommendations? Thanks!


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    100hz LR24 would be a good place to try.

  • There is no setting for SR4725a, only for SR4725X. Is there a difference or should I use a different preset speaker. If I setup 2 SR4725's and 2 SR4735's as mains, plus same subs, what speaker setting should I dial in?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Presets mean nothing. Don't worry about it.

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