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Need Help With JBL SP215-6 and Setting DBX Driverack PA+

xprod2012xprod2012 Posts: 8
edited November 2013 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hello , I need Help setting up 2X JBL Sound Power Series model SP215-6 ( They use JBL 2447J + JBL 2226H) I have the speakers in Passive/Full range mode.

How do you think , I should set up the Driverack X-over points and the EQ-Peqs , so I can use them in Full power.

My subs are TECNARE L1818 ( dual B&C 18TBX100 18" BASS Horns )

My amps are 3 X NEXT MA3200( 2x800w rms 8ohms) One NEXT MA3200 in stereo for the two JBL SP215-6 and the other 2X NEXT MA3200 in Bridge mono 3200Watts rms for each TECNARE L1818.

Best Regards , Jorge C. from Portugal.


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    Hi, old thread, did you get anywhere with this? I've just bought an old pair of SP215-9s and wondered if the PA+ caters for them at all.

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