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Removable crossover?

grazzigrazzi Posts: 2
edited November 2013 in PA General Discussion
Hi there,

As I don't have the unit on hand to test this with, I was wondering if the crossovers were removable on a Driverack PA+. I want to do this so that instead of having high, mid, and low LR outs to just have six full-range outs (3 L, 3 R) with their own adjustable parameters like delay, EQ, etc.

Thank you!


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If you set up a 2x6 (bi-amp with stereo subs), you then simply open up all filters to full range (or apply whatever freq and slope you what as a HPF). However, the H, M, L can be different, but the L&R's will be the same (in each band).
    The GEQ will be the same for all, the PEQs will be 3 for high, 2 each for mid and low. However, the L&R will be the same for the bands. Same for the delays (10 ms each, I think).

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sorry you can have GEQ(L) and GEQ(R), also. AFS will be over all. Limiters will be by band and compression will be over all.
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