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Tuning help for Yorkville U15P and LS801P setup please

thunderrainbandthunderrainband Posts: 10
edited November 2013 in PA General Discussion
Hello Gadget.... DRA and others mods.

First I want to thank you all for helping me in the past!

Would like your opinion on a system tuning using the PX

1. Mixer = Presouns Suudiolive 24.4.2
2. Tops Yorkville U15P (x2) http://yorkville.com/loudspeakers/unity/product/u15p/
3. Subs Yorkville LS801P (x2) http://yorkville.com/loudspeakers/elite/product/ls801p/

Main use is band application (New Country / Rock ) will be in a different venu every week so a well rounded versitile tuning would be best.
Couple of additional questions & statements.
1. on the back panel of the LS801P it offeres a boost / bass (I will leave this at unity position)
2. If i want to set up a stereo system but only driverack one of the U15P's (with the indoor method) I am assuming I will have an issue with the wizard completeing properly? it says there is a volume issue with the right speaker DUH... it's not hooked up on purpose! So do I set up the wizard as mono and simply use the L/R outputs to get the stereo image Im looking for or will that not allow me to pan instruments L/R?
3. The subs are obviously not being driveracked so when I auto EQ (I like the flat setting from systems used prior) I will naturally get some low frequency lift that was not present when using the PX setup wizard. I assume I will just use my ears to make adjustments or is ther a better recommendation?

Thank you all again for your help.

Eric Sharkey


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Set up the one speaker. After the first Auto-EQ is done, plug the speaker into the other output and run it again. They should yield the same results. If not, average the two. I am curious to see the results. That would tell you if Yorkville has augmented anything to achieve the sound they want with the internal DSP.

    Make sure that you set the high freq roll off to 150hz and let the PX handle the x-over.

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    Thanks Dra..

    I will give that a shot tonight.

    Any opinion on the (high pass) /(low pass) type and gain structure?

    I figured I would leave the sub hf roll off at the 150hz and let the driverack do what it does best.

    Thx again
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    100hz LR24

    Set at the unity mark, then turn down whichever one is too loud.

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