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Setup/config help with DRPA+ and QSC KLA/KW

matt_liveentmatt_liveent Posts: 3
edited December 2013 in PA General Discussion
Hi all- long time DBX user but first time poster.

I've been prowling the forums but I can't seem to find any topics on the KLA series and the PA+. I have the handle on how to get the system to sound good, but I feel like it could do much more, so I'm reaching out for some help. I have a large show on NYE this year and need all I can get out of my gear so I'm looking for a proper way to tune and set this stuff up. Here's what I have to work with, and venue specifics.

6x KLA12 with array frames, 3 boxes per side- hung on EVENTER 16 lifts with bottom boxes about 9' off the ground
8x KW181 subs
4x KW153 tops
2x K8 tops
Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2
24/4 snake

The venue is 3 ballrooms with collapsable walls- we're throwing long so I assumed the 153s would be placed halfway down as delay fills, and K8s could be stage placed for front fills. First room is about 80x80, second 60x50, and third 40x50 (we're positioned in the first room). Ceiling height of about 16/17'. 2000 people capacity (last year they did 3000 through the door.)

I'm looking for guidance on ideal xover settings, delay timings, and sub placement (either 8 wide or two clusters of 4 in a 2x2 format) or any other helpful input! The show is a DJ show, so there aren't any instrument mics. I just want the most out of the system because this will be one of the larger shows to date.

Thanks for the input in advance !


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