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DBX PA+ settings for Crown Tech & Martin Audio

danascherldanascherl Posts: 3
edited December 2013 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi, I am new to the world of DBX, and the drive rack. I need some help to set up my new PA+ to work correctly with my system.
Any advice would be most appreciated.

My system is as follows.

1 Crown Tech 3600VZ driving 2 Martin Audio S218 subs.
1 Crown Tech 2400VZ driving 4 Martin Audio H2 Mids
1 Crown Tech 1200VZ driving 4 Martin Audio H2 Highs.

I ran this system for 2 years with the Martin Audio M3 with the correct card in place, But the M3 kept giving problems, So went for a new PA+ so I could all so add the Crown 1200 to power the highs on the H2's now I have 6 out puts.
I hope this was a smart move!

I need help to set this up so I still protect the amps & speakers. and obviously get the best out the system.
I'm no sound engineer, Im a bit of a novice.
The system is going into a club night I run, which is a pay trance night, So its club music going through the system.
I am tempted to get the DBX RTA mic this week, so I can tune the system with the room next week. But need to set everything else up on the system.

I kinda hopped that the menu would have had Martin Audio or the Crown Tech speaks in there, But sadly not.

Hope some of you guys can help me.

Best regards



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