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can't hear kick drum and can't hear vocal

renaissancemanncrenaissancemannc Posts: 13
edited December 2013 in PA General Discussion
Myconfig is:
2 ev elx 115p tops -- self powered
2 ev elx 118p subs -- self powered
mackie pro fx22
driverack pa+

Room size is 35' x 35'

I'm using a yamaha sub kick and a audix d6 mic on the kick.

I placed one sub in a corner and the other sub against the opposite wall.
The tops are placed on the floor aimed up at the guitarists/vocalists.

I experimented with balancing( the output of the subs and the tops is @ 55 - 60 % as directed by the drpa) and with the auto eq ( experimented with ALL notches )but I cannot get the sound that I want. When I pink the room, I turn up the pink noise until it says turn down -- usually get the message around -5 db.

Without auto balancing, the bass over powers the music -- either recorded or live. With auto balancing, the drpa cuts the bottom by -10 db or more and emphasizes the mid range.

Also, the vocals are barely audible from anywhere in the room except directly in front of the tops which are on the floor.

I know this can work.

Please help!


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I am so confused. What are you trying to accomplish? (Please don't say, "Make it sound good." I need to know the purpose of the set-up. Why the tops aimed toward the band, for example.)

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    What am I trying to accomplish? I want to have crystal clear sound when my band rehearses. I want everybody to hear everybody else. The tops are on the floor and aimed up at the guitarists / vocalists so that they can hear what they are singing. Previously, the tops and the subs were behind the vocalists; subs on the floor and the tops on tripods. That didn't sound any better.
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