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Setup for Dynacord 15-3 tops and RCF ART 905-AS Subs

SevarinSevarin Posts: 12
edited December 2013 in Configuration Wizard
Hi folks,

I got these new RCF Subs and really wanted to put some effort into setting up the system properly. I started reading through the Start Here posting located here: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=959
But I cannot find anything about how so set up the crossover for those specific subs and speakers.

I found all the specs for the speakers here:

Dynacord D-Lite 15-3: http://dynacord.com/en/products/7/1/1/4_d15-3.html (Specification tab)
RCF ART 905-AS: http://www.rcf.it/products/pro-speaker- ... art-905-as

My guess here is:
Lowpass for the subs at 40 Hz (BW18?)
Highpass for the Subs at around 100Hz (even though it goes up to 120 Hz) (LR24?)
Lowpass for the Highs at 100 Hz accordingly (LR24?)

Am I on the right path here?


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    Also, while I'm at it. Does anyone have the RCF ART 905-AS Sub?

    In the manual it says one XLR Input is balanced, the other one is unbalanced. But it doesn't say which is which... Can anyone shed some light on this?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Looks about right to me.
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