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Bridge Option for Channel 1 and 2??

BroadwayBroadway Posts: 14
edited December 2013 in 200 Series Connectivity
I have my DBX-260 running 2X4 from my Yamaha LS9. Channel one from the dbx goes to a bridged mono Crown CTS 600 AMP connected to Left and right EV-1122S/94s, channel two goes to a bridged mono Crown CTS 600 center EV-1122S/94 (all three EV speakers in a center cluster), channel 3 goes a dual mode bridged Crown CTS 600 channel one while channel 4 of the DBX goes to channel 2 on the amp connected to L/R subs JBL MP118S.

Question- when I went through the start up wizard I only have bridge options under channel 3 and 4. Why are they not options for channel one and two?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    It kind of boils down to time and labor it would take for DBX to do the work. They assume that no one would bridge anything but subs. Don't worry, for the ones that are bridged but you can't select bridged, reduce the gain by 6db on their filters.

  • So that raises a couple more questions. Why would they assume only subs are bridged? Should they be and I need to revisit the overall design? Also, does not reducing the gain by 6db hurt the amp or the speakers? I am wondering what damage may have been caused over the years.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Speakers need the power they need, so if that means bridging, then....

    The 6db reduction in gain does not reduce their available output. Most user will (should) ignore the wizard's suggestions (except for bi-amped tops data) and do a gain structure manually. That is described in detail in the READ ME FIRST SECTION.

    Once all equipment clips as about the same level, then the louder speaker's amps are turned DOWN to balance the systems output.

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