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dbx223xl, crown power base-1, and surround sound system

curtchrestmancurtchrestman Posts: 2
edited December 2013 in Connectivity
Glad to see this forum. Any help for this possibly impossible quest is much appreciated.
I am aware that this might be ridiculous but thought I should try.
A friend gave me a dbx223xl and a Crown Power base-1.
I am wondering if these 2 units can be added to my home system.
I have a Sony surround sound system where the surround speakers, center and
subwoofer outputs go direct to the respective speakers and the front left and
right outputs go to 1 of two inputs on a speaker selector.
From the speaker selector I have 5 sets of speakers connected including the front
left and right in the surround speaker setup.

So the surround sound system is great however the the 4 other sets seem to be
lacking base and I assume that is because most of the lower end is headed for
the subwoofer. They also could use some more volume/power.

Can I put this equipment together some how and achieve a surround system and
an amplified stereo system for the rest of the house? And are the cables
Here are links to the manuals and photos of the rear panels.
If I can help with more information please let me know.






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