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Newbie in need of help

DjCanDo!DjCanDo! Posts: 9
I'm an oldschool Miami Dj that finally got with the program and I'm awaiting delivery of my dbx 260. So my system was as follows:

1. For my lows I was pushing a Crown Xti4002 using two 18" Peavy Lowriders.

2. For my mids I was pushing a QSC GX7 using 2 oldschool EV m 15"

3. For my highs I was pushing an American Audio V1000 using 16ohm 500w horn with 8 motorola style piezo tweeters per channel

I am replacing Behringer Cx3400 3-way crossover and Behringer FBQ1502 15 band EQ and I used to think my system was somewhat decent. I always had issues though with 2 things feed back and what a friend told me was leaky caps mind you this equip is brand new. But a friend advised me to upgrade my crossover to a Rane AC23s and that all my worries and issues would be solved with just that upgrade. But on the day I was gonna buy the Rane AC23s another friend said wait have you ever considered a dbx driverack 260 and the more he talked the more I wanted in. So, here I am guys.

My main question is I have an understanding of the Xlr connections but out of the three above mentioned amps only one can be found on the 260s database, and none of my speakers are on the database either, so what do I do? Can someone help me out here. Maybe even create for me a program to suite me, so I can be up and running as quickly as possible I'd appreciate it so much. And if other have any links or info that can help me at becoming more proficient with the 260. Thank you and may all have a blessed and happy new year.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Check out the READ ME FIRST section. Also go to the tutorials and download the 260 tutorial.

  • Hi Newby, looks like we are both in the same boat with a lot to learn.
    For what its worth I have read most of the material that DRA points to
    and as you can see there is a whole lot of stuff that needs to be understood (that I am also still taking on board). Once you can get your head around it, it will be worth it and it can be both fun and rewarding.
    You will need a weekend to experiment and set it all up as you will need to program a custom preset for your system I think.

    If it were me, I would start from matching the equipment in terms of gain structure so that there is no clipping, you can start by plugging your desk audio out in to the DBX without the amps on and check that the DBX is not clipping the signal. Make sure that you dont alter anything that may increase the signal ie turning the output up on the desk or what ever you use or altering the input source.

    Once you have done that, you should be safe to turn it all off connect the amps and speakers and select a three way DJ system in the program. (if the 260 is the same as the PA model) I assume this will be similar in any case. Set the amps outputs to zero and see that the input indicators on the 260 are lighting up once the signal is present again.If they are then you should have a three way output to play with by attenuating the individual amps.You may wish to check and adjust as required the crossover frequencies for all three sets of speakers to be on the safe side.Ie set low and high pass for the subs, mid and tops.I did not do this but I can see that if the 260 has a default parameter in the custom preset that is not compatible with any of your speakers, then it may result in damage to both the speakers and your ears. This is the way I started off, just a note to say to turn things on and off in correct sequence.

    I too have the 18 low riders and they are amazing. If the 260 has the sub harmonizer then you will most likely enjoy playing with that as it opens up a whole new world to sub base. Be careful not to overdo it though, at these frequencies nasty things can and do happen both to speakers and their surroundings. you might want to check out my advice before you go any further, as I say, its worked for me so far but ime just getting in to it and I am in no way really qualified to advise you what you should or should not do. Best of luck
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