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Help using EV Tour X speakers

bukak65bukak65 Posts: 12
I love the PA+ but the EV Tour X 1152 speakers are not listed in the speaker tunings. I've run it by using Custom but was told the JBL SRX speaker spec's are almost the same. Can I run it like that or is there another way to setup my speakers?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sure, you can do that, I guess. After loading that program, go to the x-over section and check the HPF freq and filter type. It should be set to 65hz (no lower that 60hz) BW18. 65hz is your -3db point.

  • bukak65bukak65 Posts: 12
    thanks Dra
  • bukak65bukak65 Posts: 12
    The high pass on these speaker are 40hz. Should I set it that low? The Subs freq resp is 35-3000. Would that cause phase canceling?
    Specs are:
    Freq resp 55hz-20khz
    Freq range. 40hz-20khz
    Rec. hi pass freq 40hz
    Axial sensitivity 100db
    Max spl 133db
    Power handling 500w to 2000w peak
    Crossover freq 1650 db
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    By sub, I guess you mean that the 15" speaker has the raw response of 40 - 3000? I would set the HPF lower than 50hz. The lower you go the less clarity you'll have in the upper ranges of the 15".

  • bukak65bukak65 Posts: 12
    Subs are freq resp 35hz to 3000.
    Should I just set the speakers under custom? Tour X's to 65hz bw18 and the subs 35hz to like 80 in the crossover settings and call it a day?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Oh. You are adding subs.
    I find it hard to believe that any sub has a range to 3000hz.

    However, for the sub... high pass at what ever the -3db rating is using BW18. Cross the sub to top at 90-100hz LR24.
  • bukak65bukak65 Posts: 12
    thanks again.
  • bukak65bukak65 Posts: 12
    so set the tops to 65 and the subs from 35ish to 90-100
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    No. USUALLY (but not always) the subs and tops cross at the same frequency and filter type. If you choose 100hz for one, the 100 should used for the other. LR24 for one, then RL24 for the other. Sometime a small over or under lap is OK, but that would be aver 1/2 octave.

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