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This is weird? Music coming out of Crown amp, no speakers

James85James85 Posts: 63
There has to be an explanation. I was trying out Band Manager and Audio Architect last night. I updated the firmware on an XTI 4K and an XTI 6002. I wanted to see if Band manager shows the input/output graphically since the GUI appears like it can. There were no speakers connected to the 6002. I ran some recorded music through an Si Expression and into one side of the amp. I cranked the music via fader to get a hot signal and see if I could get the BM software to show anything. The weird thing, to me, was that I could hear the music...very low...kinda tinny am transistor radio style...coming from the case of the amp. There was fan noise but music also. I could make the music go away by lowering the fader on the mixer. The signal did have to be hot to get it to come out of the amp...but not a clipped signal according to all meters. I did not try it on the 4K amp.

How can this be? :shock:

Band Manger did not show any levels graphically. I could mute the channel but I had no meter activity. I am still playing with it.


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    So according to Crown it is possible to hear program material directly from coils in the amp case. The input has to be high but it does happen.
    I knew I was not hearing things.
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    Wow! That's cool!
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    jsbaiojsbaio Posts: 4
    the transistors and igbt are vibrating kind of like the whine from newer solid state subway cars that whine at the frequency fed to ac traction motors . ac frequency controls speed unlike dc where voltage controls speed
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