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System Setup - JTR Noesis 3TX & JTR Orbit Shifters

johnnotestinejohnnotestine Posts: 5
edited February 2014 in PA General Discussion
I just bought a Driverack Pa2 and want to make sure I am on the right track for configuration. I've been reading everything I can find on this forum and have read the entire manual.

The speakers I will be using will be a brand new pair of JTR Noesis 3TX. I will currently be powering each speaker with a bridged QSC RMX 2450. The speaker specs are:

Frequency +/-3db 80hz-24khz

My subs are powered JTR Orbit Shifters. The plate amps in them are the SP1 SpeakerPower 4000W. The Shifters specs are:

Frequency +/-3db 37-121hz

I have been using 100hz as a crossover point for my subs, but this will be my first setup with the 3-way 3TX speakers. Is this still a good starting point, or would you recommend something else?

30hz BW18
100hz LR24

100hz LR24


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    Did I post in the wrong area, or not include enough information?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    100hz LR24 should work just fine.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    There are no settings for running amps bridged mono, correct? Should I not select my RMX 2450, but select amp not listed?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sometimes you have to be creative and "lie" to the driverack.

    I took 1/4th of the 4000w (1000w).
    Then, 1/4th of the 1500w the bridged 2450 gives (375w).
    The 375w is in the ballpark of the actual output of the 2450 (450w).
    The 1000w is in the ballpark of the 5050 (1050w).
    Tell the wizard that you have a 2450 on the highs and a 5050 on the subs (normal, not bridged). I assume that you are just looking for the appropriate x-over gains for the power you actually are putting in to them.

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    I was thinking about doing exactly that. Thanks!
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