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Auto EQ with DBX Driverack PA2

projecttueprojecttue Posts: 2
edited October 2022 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi, I just recently peaked interested in a new dbx driverack pa2. Can some help me on how to auto EQ the sound system to the room? It says you have to move the rta microphone to three different position. Does anyone knows how many feet we are suppose to run between those position for auto eq test? Can someone assist me? Or give me guidelines? Thanks


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    The answer to this question is on pg 15 of the manual.

    The minimum number of mic positions is actually only 2 positions - not 3.

    The first mic position is set by forming an equilateral triangle between the mic and the Left and Right speakers.
    The second mic position is set by moving the mic 1/3rd of the distance towards the Left speaker.
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    rlbrittrlbritt Posts: 1

    I just bought one. There are now four positions for your RTA mic. Just use your head for the size of your room, follow the pattern and split the differences. Very easy to do.

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