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help with my crossover

beppiebeppie Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Connectivity
i need help setting up my PA for live shows. I have a mackie 1604 aTC electronics m350 reverb, 2jblprx 515 self powered tops and a jbl jrx118sp self powered sub. we used this for a small bar show last month (1st time using the sub and the crossover) it worked well although I'm confused about a few things . !stly i was told by a few people that the tops should be connected to the high output on the cover and the single sub to the low using the sum function. after a lot of messing around with it sounding crappy i put the tops into the mid output and the sound was great. is this because of the 515s having built in crossover. i also am unsure where to set the other xover knobs or if they are even engaged. as you can tell i am no engineer but since i own the stuff i guess i am elected. we have 2 guitars, bass, drums, percussion 3 horns and we mic the bass, kick ,guitars percussion and 4 vocals.....whew!!! thanks for any help


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    It sounds like the crossover is set up for the wrong mode. For a stereo 2-way application you need to have the left mode switch pressed in, and the right mode switch set to the out position. Make sure to have the LF Sum switch pressed in. You'll then end up using the CH. 1 & 2 High outputs for your mains, and the CH. 1 low output for the sub. Set the crossover frequency to around 80 Hz.
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