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DRPX and Subs

obvallejo87obvallejo87 Posts: 2
edited May 2014 in PA General Discussion
Looking for some feedback on how I should run my subs using the DRPX. I am use to running my subs to their own output/fader (to have more control) but the DRPX only has two inputs (which I'm using for L/R speakers). Should I still run my subs to their own fader and bypass the DRPX?

Another question is should I be running Live FOH Stereo or Mono? Thanks for the help/advice in advance.


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    1. If you run bypass the PX, you won't be able to use the auto-eq in the sub range (obviously). In fact, you'll be bypassing all of the interesting things the PX can do... Suggestion: Run it through the PX

    2. You can adjust the output on the sub "on the fly" via the crossover utility on the PX. Make sure the sub gain is highlighted and then just turn the dial up or down...

    3. Stereo or Mono is pretty debatable and subjective. It depends on your application and your venue. If you are have a wide stereo field, then on average, I would go mono. If you have a typical small band/DJ FOH situation where the speakers are close together, I would try a stereo setup.
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