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driverack pa plus, jbl jrx125 , jbl jrx118 , ep4000 amps

winterzchild1winterzchild1 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in PA Connectivity
Hello all, first time user of dbx products but im sure i'll more than be satisfied, ive done some reading thru the forums , but alas as a newbie some of it is over my head. I just ordered my drive rack pa plus, as a gigging musician running sound from the stage can be a nightmare as we all know, heres my question, how exactly do i set up the drive rack with my system. Im running a pair of JBL jrx125 tops mono, with matching JBL jrx118 subs, subs and mains powered by behringer ep4000 amp (1 for the subs, 1 for the mains). My typical set up signal chain goes as such, mackie pro fx 22, left channel to channel 1 of eq right to channel 2 of eq , then out to individual amps ive always run mains to the left channel and subs to the right channel of the board, any help would be appreciated, i know theres somewhat of a learning curve involved , just point me in the right direction
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