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DR260 Peak Limiter

mikekarsmikekars Posts: 8
Can someone answer this question for me about the "peak" limiter on the DR260:

1) Is the "overshoot" setting a pure dBu setting such as "4dB" on screen means 4dBu = 1.23Vrms. In this case the peak stop is 1.23Vrms no matter what the setting is for the "regular" limiter.

Or is it a value that is relative to the threshold for the limiter. For example if the limiter threshold is set to 2dB (=2dBu= 0.976Vrms) and then the overshoot is set to "4dB" on screen, does this mean the peak limit is now 2dBu + 4dBu = 6dBu = 1.546Vrms?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You can verify that by putting an VAC meter across the speaker leads and sending a sine wave tone through. Any tone will work as long as it is in bandwidth of the output chosen, and not too close to a filter.

  • mikekarsmikekars Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info. I am not too sure of my competence to do that testing and arrive at a definitive result.

    I was hoping one of the driverack experts here in the home of the driverack forums could give a more direct answer.

    Is the dr260 peak stop setting relative to the limiter threshold setting?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I interpreted your ability to interpret the math as being pretty competent to take the readings and interpret them.
    Send a 1K (or whatever) tone through your mixer. Using a test cable that you need to build (XLR to connect to one of the mixer's outputs and bare wires on the other to attach the leads to). Set the output level to the desired voltage, relative to the desired DB or DBu. The level at the board should not be changed. Now you can send the signal through the 260, and into amp. With no speakers attached, connect meter leads to the speaker outputs. Fiddle with the limiter settings to see the results. Use the x-over filter gain of the 260's output channel to change the level getting to the limiter. Those gains are shown in db's (actually 1/10th db).

    Your last question.. I believe the answer is yes, but your tests will confirm.

    All those that answer questions here are NOT affiliated with DBX... just users. You can always call tech support to talk to their staff, but they rarely take a peak in here.

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