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Driverack pa+ with KV2 audio es system

MikeymurrayMikeymurray Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in PA General Discussion
Hi there, I have a KV2 audio es system with the EPAK 2500R amps. Each amp runs one side of the System, 1 top and 1 sub per amp and they have built in crossover/controllers that can't be bypassed.

I have bought a PA+ and a RTA-M. Now I don't want to use this as a crossover, only for the Auto EQ and the AFS.

I've tried running the preset 49 (full range) so that my amps are still taking care of the crossing over, but when I run the auto eq the system goes awfully toppy, leaving the subs not pushing much output. I've tried different curves etc but don't seem to cure the harsh sound. The vocals get quite thin and harsh, even with different eq they seem to lack body.

The reasoning behind a driverack is I am a part of a four piece vocal harmony group with just backing tracks and I mix on stage, sometimes I get a nasty mushy bass problem and don't have time to mess about when I'm performing, I was hoping setting the auto eq at the start of a show would help cut this out.

Can anyone help please?



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Auto EQ inside has a big weakness... lows.
    You could try this for the next time the room gives you mush.
    Set up a PEQ filter with a Q of about 10, -9 db, scroll between 40 and 100 hz until the mush goes away. Then you can bring up the db cut if needed.
    If you wish, set up another, but with a +9 db and do the same to add clarity. You are doing the same thing as using the mid sweeps on the mixer to cut the bad and enhance the good.

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