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I've read the background info as you suggested... lots of good stuff... I have a couple questions related to crossover freqs and filters.... my system out of a VLZ 24, to DBX DRPA+, to two APS 12" (Hi); two Mackie TH-12s (Mids) and 1 Behringer 1800D Sub (mono)...

I must set the crossovers manually... I used the wizard as best I could to configure the system... custom with subs...

Do you have suggestions as to crossover points, or is there anything I missed.... not a sound guy but have to learn fast...




  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    What is the system used for? Band / live sound or DJ?

  • DRA,
    Thanks for the reply... the system will be used for band/live sound... outdoor gig...
    Band is two guitars, bass guitar, drums, and keyboards... 5 vocal mics... all instruments direct out amp/instrument to mixer
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Just so I am clear. You have 4) 12/horn cabs and you are going to use a pair for the highs (horn and some of it's 12 upper range) and a pair for the mids (some of the 12's lower range only and no horn at all). Is that correct?

  • That was the original plan... my limited knowledge is evident...however, you seem to be suggesting a different usage plan...
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    No. Just need to be on the same page. There is nothing wrong with your plan... if you have a reason to do it. Off the top of my head one reason might be amp power reserves.
    For an outdoor set-up, using a set as center fills, or side (out) fills could be beneficial.

    Back to your original plan. Your choice of the APS as highs is probably the better choice because of the limited power.
    Sub: On the B'ger panel, set the high cut to 150hz.
    PA+ x-overs:
    Low: 35hz BW18 - 100hz LR24 (about 1.5 octaves)
    Mid: 100hz LR24 - 800hz LR24 (about 3 octaves)
    High: 800hz LR24 - out (about 4.5 octaves, with about 2 octaves to the 12 and 2.5 octaves to the horn)

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