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PA+ Performance level

scorp50scorp50 Posts: 15
edited January 2015 in Configuration Wizard
What is the performance level of a system?
My fear is that the pink noise may destroy my speakers.
For example, If I am using a Yamaha P7000s powering a pair of Yamaha C115V's which are rated at 500w program. Maxing out this amp with pink noise seems risky.

I'm used to using as much peak headroom as I can get and my speakers can handle.

Is there some way of safely setting the maximum performance level db of a system with pink noise.

I'd love an explanation of what the PA+ is actually doing relative to this function.

ie if set too low is headroom lost.

What about different performance levels ie folk festival versus rock festival. I have never worried about this before as I just turned down but PA+ seems to do this at the Performance level dial-in.




  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Not sure why you think you are maxing out the amp. Performance level is how loud you will be running the system during the performance. So obviously a rock show will be louder than a ballet recital. Speakers have tonal changes as they work harder and room resonances change also.

  • scorp50scorp50 Posts: 15
    Hi DRA,
    my question and your reply still puzzles me.
    Forgetting the PA+ for the mo.
    If I ran a pink sound through my system and gained it to the point of clip onset of an amplifier eg Yamaha P7000s which produces 750 w per channel into an 8 ohm load at an input of +8dBu (1.945volts) connected to a Yamaha CW115V speaker which is rated to handle 250w noise, 500w program, and 1000w peak i would be running the risk of over driving the speaker.

    Ok then how does the PA+ performance level adjustment compare to this.
    Is "0" db true in the performance level window ie 0.774v.
    How 'safe' is '0' db performance level?
    Should I push it to +8 and set it there as thats the input sensitivity of the amp.
    How is this set if I'm driving an array of different amplifiers with different input sensitivities?
    Does the PA+ auto correct the drive voltages in the amp setup?

    What are we trying to achieve when we dial in the performance level?
    If I'm working a festival with folk acts during the day and a loud celtic rock band later on, How should the performance level be set? Should I be using mjeasuring equipment to set this to a useful level, centre 20 seats back?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Performance level is an audible setting. Just listen to the relative loudness and go with what sounds right to you. Your thinkingtoo much.

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