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Yorkville U15 and UCS1 Settings

pangell44pangell44 Posts: 21
Just upgraded my Yamaha s115v tops to Yorkville U15's. They are going over my existing UC1 subs.

Based on recommendation from DRA last year, I cross at 100hz LR24. High pass at 37hz BW18, with the Yamaha s115v's. The system sounded great. I'm hoping to get a little cleaner sound from the tops with the Yorkville's, though we got great compliments on the overall sound with the Yamaha's.

My question is should I tweak the crossover setting at all with the U15's?

Any advice is always welcomed. I've been able to create a great sounding PA from the tips I've learned on this forum.



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The x-over should be just fine.

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