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Driverack PA+ seems to be in hung state

feadshipmanfeadshipman Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in PA Configuration Wizard
During set up for a gig someone kicked the power cord out and now the DR PA+ is hung on preset 1 and will not go into any of the wizards or accept any input from any of the buttons, is there a way to reset the system so that it will come back to functioning normally again?

We had to bypass it for the show and the sound was terrible.

Any help would be deeply appreciated, also when is the Crown MA 12000i and MA9000i going to be part of the selectable amps for the DR+ or will they ever?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Using Appendix A, try these in this order.

    System Lock-Out (in case it got into a locked mode.)
    Soft Reset (followed by a System Lock-Out repeat, if necessary.)
    Update Firmware (this may wipe settings, write down all settings for all used presets.)
    Hard Reset (write down all settings for all used presets, as they will be wiped.)

    Losing power should not have done that. Hopefully it is just a coincidence, and won't repeat. You should probably try to make it happen again, if you get it corrected by the above. If is does not correct, or repeats, after trying all the above, contact tech support.


    PS - Please report your results here for others.
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