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Speaker Tunings

mclir9mclir9 Posts: 51
edited March 2015 in DriveRack PA2
Is there an updated Speaker tunings list that can be downloaded for the DRPA2?? I have a set of Peavey SP2's and am wondering if the speakers might be listed in the database?


  • The SP2's have not been added to the PA2. The current tuning list is available at http://dbxpro.com/en-US/products/driverack-pa2. The latest firmware update added the JBL STX800 series.
  • The list of tunings is very old and not good if you do not own Harman gear. I talked with another manufacturer and what you would have to do yourself to PROPERLY use this PA2 would be hours of math as the DBX algarithym is different than let's say EV. The speakers listed for EV are 10 to 15 year old speakers. REALLY? Let's just say theres gonna be YET ANOTHER PA2 for sale very soon unless the software (from 2012) and tuning list (where they only add Harman gear for updates) changes.

    OR you could give us the algarithyms so we can do the math and settings OURSELVES
  • cmbmusiccmbmusic Posts: 4
    When will the PRX700 series be added to the speaker tunings? They have been out as long as the PA2.
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