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I/O question

pangell44pangell44 Posts: 21
Thanks to much of what I learned from this forum, my system is sounding great. Lots of compliments every gig.

I still think my favorite quote is from Gadget when he said in the Start Here post, "As you go through this stuff you will find that the more you learn the less you know."

That is true in this case. I thought I understood the I/O settings, but in reviewing them, I realized I am confused... or maybe I just think I'm confused.

When you enter the Input Mixer mode, there is an A and B.

"A" looks like this:

Input 1 Level 5db
Input 2 Level -Inf
Master Level 3db

"B" looks like this:

Input 1 Level -Inf
Input 2 Level 5 db
Master Level 3 db

My gain structure is good. Everything is peaking at the same time and sounds good.

I'm confused though about the relationship between the two inputs on the back of the Driverack, and how they relate to the A and B, and then how the Master Level fits in.

The manual is very lacking in terms of describing the I/O functionality.

Hope it's simply explained, and hope my question makes sense!



  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The input mixer allows you to "mix" the 2 input channels... equally or just a little. When infinity is used that simply means that the other input is not allowed to "bleed" into that channel. In a nutshell, maintains the stereo image, sums them equally, or mixes them to whatever degree.

  • pangell44pangell44 Posts: 21

    So are Inputs A and B in simple terms "virtual" inputs? You can set the levels of the actual input jacks 1 & 2 to either inputs A & B?

    What's the relationship of the Input 1 & 2 gains and the master level? Is one input and one the output? Do they correspond to the Inout and Output meters?

    I think I actually knew this stuff when I originally set it up!
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Your questions are reasonable to be answered yes (logically), but a little testing would verify.

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