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Speaker tunings.

orla_rieperorla_rieper Posts: 0
edited October 2014 in DriveRack PA2
Hi, Got a PA2, and overall it works great. and I'm happy for it. :D

I have had absolutely no software/HW running problems at all, it just works fine, that's great.
but I do have a little feedback for you. :)

1) In Europe it would be nice with speaker tunings for Dynacord speakers.
2) I would also be nice if the input delay could be individual left/right to correct speaker stacks
3) On my Ipad, in graph eq, i could wish for more text/number details.
4) The manual measure funktion is a good idea eg. when you have speakers PA2 don't have tunings for, but it still jumps too much in slow, and it would be great to have the mesure window open simultaniously with with any eq on the Ipad. Today I have the mesure open on Ipad and eq on the PA2 it self. And more info so i don't need a paper with the freq on.

5)When you have speakers that are not i PA2 the wizard is not always smart, a manual unlock function could be nice sometimes.
eg. I have a 2 way setup with 2 sub and 2 tops. Sometimes I need 2 more tops for side fill (a diffrent type of tops) then I have to run a wizard to open the last outputs which changes filter etc. A manual unlock could be nice. here.


  • Josh here with dbx technical support,

    Thanks for all the great feedback. We have noted some of your points already, and I will bring them up with our engineers. Feel free to send any suggestions/questions to [email protected].
  • I second the suggestion for ability to set delays between left and right outputs. A lot of venues physically require setups where L+R stacks are offset, thus not creating the perfect equilateral triangle. I find this more common than having to delay subs in relation to tops.
  • The list of tunings are very old and not good if you do not own Harman gear. I talked with another manufacturer and what you would have to do yourself to PROPERLY use this PA2 would be hours of math as the DBX algarithym is different than let's say EV. The speakers listed for EV are 10 to 15 year old speakers. REALLY? Let's just say theres gonna be YET ANOTHER PA2 for sale very soon unless the software (from 2012) and tuning list (where they only add Harman gear for updates) changes.

    OR you could give us the algarithyms so we can do the math and settings OURSELVES
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