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DR 260 internal gain jumpers

rajaprukrajapruk Posts: 5
My first post in this excellent forum. I am a very happy owner of an driverack 260.

I have an Oppo BDP-105 source connected to my Driverack 260 via xlr.
Is it recommended to change the internal jumpers of the 260 when using "consumer level" input like this blu-ray player? The Oppo has 4,4 Volts output max, and I use the digital volume control in it, so I have lot less gain in practice going in to the driverack.

The rest of the equipment is JBL 4365 Studio Monitors biamped with Hypex nCore amplifiers, set to the lowest gain possible. I still get much more volume than I need in my home theater.

If I lower the internal gain jumpers in the 260, and use higher voltage out from the Oppo, I will get better SNR and sound quality, right?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The main drawback with changing the jumpers is that your meters will no longer be calibrated. Before you try changing the jumpers, go into the input mixers on the 260 and reduce them by 18 or 20db (or whatever gives you the best result). The input mixers (if use the front panel) are accessed from the I/O button. Reduce the inputs 1 & 2 equally. The Master probably won't need to be reduced (probably not, but maybe).

  • I have already tuned the input mixer, lowered 12Db.
    My thought was that maybe giving the driverack higher input voltage would make it sound better, because it is made for it.
    I do not care about the meters, I never look at them!
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