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Driverack PA2

aportelliaportelli Posts: 4
edited August 2014 in PA Configuration Wizard
I am at new at this driverack stuff. I do apologies. I have
2 x EV ZXa5-90 Active Speakers
2 x DB Opera Sub 15 DB
Mackie 1202vlz Mixer

I just need to ask a few questions, Is there any tunings for the EV ZXa5-90. when I do the setup am I better picking the zxa4 speakers or doing a custom setup? The DB Opera Sub 15 DB are already in there.
On My Mackie Mixer I set the levels to around 0db to make sure I have enough input level on the driverack. The problem I am getting is that the EV speakers have got really good gain & I need to set the dial on The EV Speakers to -2.
Should I be reducing the Input in the crossover gain to -10 so I Can turn the speakers up a little more. Is this the best way of doing it.
With the compressor what sort of settings would you use for a little bit of compression for mic peaks.. Do I need to use a limiter?
With the auto Eq. How far away from the stage should the mic be and how high should it sit on the stand?
Thanks In Advanced for any Advice. This Unit is awesome and I am glad I. Went with the PA2 to visualize everything on the Ipad.
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