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I'm confused over my PA2's Capabilities

HugoMackHugoMack Posts: 11
edited April 2015 in DriveRack PA2
I've just read the following post in another Forum, which as I've just received my PA2, I don't understand. The guy sounds like for some reason he really doesn't like the PA2, but his reasons don't seem to me to make sense - and certainly don't justify his generalised criticisms.... Anyway, here's what was said, and my questions are below:

"I just picked up a PA2 and integrated it into my system. I was hoping it was going to be a replacement for the DCX/DEQ combo. It is not. I still had to use my DCX for output. The PA2 has 3 pairs of outputs: 2 highs, 2 mids, and 2 lows. While the Lows allow for a mono hookup, the highs and mids DO NOT. It requires both outs to be connected for any of the auto-eq and RTA functionality to work. The outputs are not nearly configurable enough for the individual channels to come anywhere close to do what the DCX can do.

As for the EQ, I liked the functionality. For whatever reason it sounds better to me than the DEQ/DCX combo. The ipad control is quite nice, and the RTA functionality works great. I hung the RTA mic in the middle of my room and it constantly responds to music and sound as it is playing. To me, it sounds great.

Pros: Auto EQ and Room Correction works and sounds great. Ipad control via wifi.
Cons: Analog input only. Ipad control requires a network connection and yet no built in wifi.

Looks to me that rather than putting out an actually usable product, they put out a product that has some nice new features unavailable anywhere in the market to develop hype. But then made them stand alone in a product that is useless without interfacing with other products. In other words it is crippled. Lack of digital input support, lack of ability to configure the outputs are the two biggest things I have run into. I fully expect to see a PA2+ come out that will actually be useful as there is no other reason to exclude some of the stuff they have excluded in this product."

1. Integrating a DCHP wireless network router into the PA2 would overcomplicate it, make it larger and not IMO be sensible.

2. I don't understand this guy's problems with organising the outputs.

3. My main question regards the use of RTA and AutoEQ during a performance - as opposed to the set-up process of using four positions to set the EQ. Is constant RTA monitoring during performance a recommended method, and where would you place the mic?


  • HugoMackHugoMack Posts: 11
    Can anyone answer this please?

    My main question regards the use of RTA and AutoEQ during a performance - as opposed to the set-up process of using four positions to set the EQ. Is constant RTA monitoring during performance recommended or not, and if yes - where and how would you work out where to place the mic?

    I've read all the FAQ posts, which seem to say not to use AutoEQ and RTA as advertised by DBX. Hence my confusion and this post.
  • HugoMackHugoMack Posts: 11
    Hmmm. Thirty-one views and no replies? Are there no PA2 users out there?

    The PA2 manual doesn't have any sections describing using the RTA to monitor the performance - just the 4 position set up process. So is this just a hype?
  • HugoMackHugoMack Posts: 11
    I seem to be talking to myself.

    I gigged my new pa last night. With the RTA mike out from between the two speakers appears to adjust the eq, in the middle of the spectrum although it's not clear whether the peaks the display shows above the curve are being dampened or enhanced - I'll assume dampened.
  • Perhaps he was referring to the AFS feature?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Try PSW. Maybe some users there.

  • funkafize wrote:
    Perhaps he was referring to the AFS feature?

    ?? :(
  • Dra wrote:
    Try PSW. Maybe some users there.


    Thanks for the suggestion, but what's PSW?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Pro Sound Web

    You'll need to post in the Lab Lounge section.

  • So here is my experience with the PA2, I own and use 2 of them, I am not a pro nor expert.
    I look at the AutoEQ as being a one time run after you initially setup your system. This is where the 4 RTA mic positions come into play. When the AutoEQ has completed you can view the results in the AutEQ panel, you can choose to modify it or disable it if you want to. After the AutEQ wizard has run there is no further automatic equalization occurring from the PA2. If you want changes you can either re-run the wizard or manually adjust the settings.
    Leaving the RTA mic connected and switching to the RTA screen gives you information on the frequencies and levels in the FOH. It is not auto adjusting anything. The RTA screen can be a useful tool in identifying problem frequencies or assisting in diagnosing problems during an event, I use mine to just keep an eye on things, if I hear something really strange like the mids dropping out the RTA can be a confirmation on that. Then you can go directly to like the mid amps and make sure they are working. If it looks like the RTA is chopping off frequencies make sure you have adjusted the analysis window to fit everything in, if using the mobile app here is a horizontal slider bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Thanks MB. It's a shame that the auto EQ doesn't continue to monitor and adjust throughout performance. I haven't used mine enough to tell that it doesn't. It looks like it's doing something.....
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You want it to shoot pink noise during the performance? :mrgreen: Pretty sure you don't want that.
    AFS does work, if in live mode.

  • The display make it look like it's listening to the RTA and doing something....
  • The reason no one is responding is that these boards are waaaaaay to locked down by DBX.
    Request a login.
    Wait to be confirmed manually.
    Etc etc.

    Just what do DBX think users are going to post on here?
    Bad language? Porn pics? Bad mouthing of their products?

    Why the none instant forum sign up you can get elsewhere?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
  • HugoMackHugoMack Posts: 11
    It's obviously not going to fire off any more pink noise..... But it could continue adjusting against the pink noise base line?

    So, having done the initial EQ'ing, it's just the AFS working is it?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    How would it know what to adjust, since the content is constantly changing? Now, an auto adjustment comparing input to mic readings of output would be interesting. However, what would you do about all the sounds that will be in the room that are not patch through the board's output? Monitor mixes, crowd noise, stage instruments , etc.


    PS - I don't have, nor have I ever used a Driverack PA2, nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  • HugoMackHugoMack Posts: 11
    Yeah well, I guess you'd need to see one operating
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