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PA+Dual Mono allow separate crossovers for L & R LMH?

FornaxFornax Posts: 4
edited August 2014 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi, this is a question about the PA+. I've read through gadget's post on running 2way mains on the left channel, and 1way monitors on the right. The dual mono setting then allows for the auto eq to be run separately on the left and right channel. But if there was anything plugged into the mid output of the Left channel in this scenario, it would run the nearly full-range frequency output intended for the monitors, and overlap the high and low ranges set, correct?
So am I understanding correctly that when we select the input setting, we choose between stereo, and mono, there's no "dual mono" choice at that point, and so to get the inputs to be treated independently, we choose stereo. But even though we select dual mono for the EQ choice, it's going to let us EQ the channels independently, but not set the crossovers independently?
So, even dual mono, we'll only be given a single set of 3-way crossover parameters to choose? Or have I misunderstood this part?
Page 20 of the manual reads "The DriveRack PA+ Crossover can be configured as a 2x2, ...or 2x6" What is the meaning of 2x6 in this context? It certainly seems to imply I'll get more than 3 crossover settings.
If you can parse through my question, thanks for setting me straight! (For the record, I already own a PA+, and am interested in setting a fourth frequency range, since not all of them need to be stereo. I've hoping there's a clever way to use the 6 outputs I have, rather than being told I should have bought a 260...) Thanks!


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    High output filter (x-over) can be set to ANY range desired. (Not a range for left and a range for right, but a range for left & right.) You can have up to 3 ranges, but never more than 3. Even with separate content in left and right inputs and outputs.

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