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PA2 on powered speakers

aaronnkosiaaronnkosi Posts: 26
edited September 2014 in DriveRack PA2
Please assist on how do I connect 2 powered speakers (Yamaha DSR115) and 2 powered subwoofers (Yamaha DSR118w) on the PA2. I use to own PX and was connecting subwoofer as mono and chain the other sub from another one and want to do the same thing but I'm not sure if possible and how to do that on the new PA2. or is it better to connect my subwoofers stereo? if so how do connect them at the back. I have been through the manual but I have not seen this configuration for the powered speakers. Please assist


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Yes. If you look at the low outputs you will see "Right" and "Left / Mono". You have to tell the Driverack (wizard set-up) that you want subs / lows to be mono.

  • thank you. so do you think its worth getting the pa2 or should i stick to my px?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Only you can answer that. The PX is the bottom of the Driverack barrel, though it does what it does. If you are happy with it and want to save some money... keep it. If you need the upgrades of the PA2.... get it. If you had neither and were buying something, I would not buy the PX just because it is "for powered speakers", because it does not have the functionality for MY needs. If it meets yours, then it does.

  • I am using 2 of the PA2's now, previously had a PA+.
    I have 2 Yamaha DXR12's (powered) and 4 passive subs that I run in my config (2 subs are Gadgets DIY design, awesome subs, thanks Gadget). I never intended it to be a full live band system, it just has turned into that so nothing is really matched. But the PA2's are really working great for me. The auto features have been updated substantially and work quickly, it sounds like some Star Wars stuff when run but it is quick and only causes head turns, not grab the ears in pain/disgust as with the previous version. It seems to work well for initial baseline settings and the remote capability is where they shined last weekend, I was able to walk around and really dial in the sound with my tablet at an outdoor event. I used the second PA2 for an additional set of speakers behind the me at the mixer area and the delay feature worked flawlessly. I typically use the second PA2 for aux fed sub on one side and monitors on the other but reconfigured it easily to run a second set of speakers last weekend.
    Just my experience, I am not a pro.
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