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Main L&R PA + L&R delayed speakers

giusfregiusfre Posts: 28
edited September 2014 in PA Configuration Wizard
I need to set up a main PA with a couple of subwoofer (L&R) and a couple of Mid/Hight speakers on top of them and a couple of Mid/Hight speakers at 8/10 meters distant from the main PA.
What kind of system do I have to set up?
Is it a 3 way system setting the crossover for the mid and hight output with the same settings and putting the delay only on the couple of output connected with the farest speakers? Is it this possible?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You would need approximately 30ms of delay. The DRPA series only have 10ms delay. The 30ms delay will be noticeable to anyone within 20ft or so of the direct output of the delayed speakers. Those farther away, not as much. Those in front of them, not much at all.

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