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+4dbu VS -10dbu

Merle TMerle T Posts: 20
edited November 2014 in DriveRack PA2
I've read alot on +4dbu being a hotter 'pro' level signal than -10dbu. Makes sense. However, I would think the at +4, it would generate a louder signal. With the setup below, after doing gain adjustment first with +4, playing music, then a second time at -10, with the PA2 at +4 is much quieter than at -10. Is this to be expected, or do I have one with the switch wired wrong?

Mixer = Mackie DL1608---> PA2----> Behringer iNuke 3000--->Peavy PVX12 passives


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    Gain is being added to the input signal when the PA2 is being used in the -10dBu mode.
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    Hi Merle,

    You should think of it the other way around.

    The +4dBu setting expects to receive a hotter signal, while the -10 setting expects to receive a much weaker signal.
    Think of them in terms of input, not output.

    Your switch is not wired incorrectly... :wink:
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    Thanks! Makes sense.
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