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Sourcing Speaker Tuning Details

Mety99Mety99 Posts: 5
edited October 2014 in DriveRack PA2
Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum and just bought a new PA2.

Has anyone had any luck getting details for speaker tunings?
The reason I ask is I've bought a pair of EV ELX-112ps and tried to contact EV about them.
I particularly asked how to set the volume controls for unity gain and what the clipping point was.
(There's an input level control AND a Speaker level control)

I sent them 3 Emails over as many weeks - no response.
I telephoned their tech support - the guy did not know.

I managed to speak to one of their sales consultants who was very friendly and helpful but could not answer my questions. He forwarded my queries on to Tech Support and they weren't much help at all with their answers: "they are internal values which are not offered to customers". Why? I don't know.

By Contrast I telephoned the dB Technologies representative and he told me straight away the info I needed for my Stage Opera 61.18 Subs.

What have been your experiences?
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